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Capacitive Switch Solutions

Development tool

Danielson, member of the SCHURTER group, is Europe’s no.1 in touchscreens. For over 20 years Danielson is providing resistive touchscreens. In 2011 Danielson started to provide a wide range of capacitive touchscreens. Now Danielson introduces a tool enabling our engineers to develop the best capacitive solutions for its customers including keys, sliders and wheels.

If you have an enquiry for a man machine interface and you like to get the best solution, how do you start? Which combination of keys is required? How can you optimize the graphics? How do you get the required image? Which controller is the best solution? Danielson has an answer for all of this.

With the growing demand in capacitive switches, the request for the best controller is increasing. Danielson decided to build a centre of expertise for capacitive solutions. This video explains how this can be of benefit to you.

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