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Resistive touchscreens



Resistive touchscreens


Resistive Touchscreens were the real breakthrough in common use touchscreen technology. With resistive touchscreens also came flexible, cost effective touchscreen technology which is available for industrial and medical use. Nowadays resistive technology is a mature well known technology. Resistive technology has been available within the SCHURTER group for nearly 20 years. SCHURTER has built upon extensive knowledge of resistive technology, the manufacturing of the products and the materials used. SCHURTER can help you to fulfil your needs with a wide range of standard 4-wire, 5-wire and 8-wire sensors. If in the unlikely case a standard sensor will not fit your display, SCHURTER can assist you with the design of a custom made resistive touchscreen.

A wide range of standard sensors in 4-, 5- and 8-wire technology as well as customer-specific sensors which fullfill application-specific requirements are available.

For special applications and extended specifications, SCHURTER offers you special types of resistive touchscreen technology in various designs.

Based on our knowledge and experience with this resistive touchscreen technology, we can assist you with the design of your individual resistive touchpanel specifically to suit your application.



The general specifications of our industrial resistive touchscreens are:


- Surface finish: Antiglare or Clear

- Light transmission: > 80%


- Sizes: 3″ to 24″ diagonal size

- Construction: film-on-glass (FG), film-film-glass (FFG) or PC or others

- ITO glass thickness: 0.7 mm, 1.1 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.8 mm

- Contact: ZIF, Berg, AMP, AMP compatible or others

- Input method: finger, gloved finger, stylus

- Activation force: 0.1 N to 1.0 N depending on design

- Surface hardness: 3H or higher


- Operating temperature: -20 ℃ to 70 ℃

- Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to 80 ℃


- Linearity: < 1.5% (4-, 8-wire technology) / < 1.0 - 1.5% (5-wire technology)



SCHURTER provides various standard controllers for USB and serial interfaces for contacting all resistive touch screen technologies.

Overlay Film

To increase the mechanical stability and the realization of dirt-free touch panels, resistive touch screens are laminated over the entire surface with a customer-specific overlay film.


Resistive touch screens are available in different designs:


1) 4-wire technology are most commonly used technology

There are 2 electrodes for the X direction on the top circuit and 2 electrodes for the Y direction on the bottom circuit. This is the most flexible and cost effective technology.


2) 5-wire technology

This technology is suitable in harsh environments with a high volume of operations required. The 4 electrodes are specially designed on the bottom circuit and sensed by the top film. As the electrodes are burned into the glass, a highly durable system is created.


3) 8-wire technology

This technology is like the 4-wire resistive but has extra sense lines for each electrode. This extra sense line is used to compensate resistance changes due to rapid changes in temperature. This will provide a stable system, suitable for environments subject to constantly changing conditions.


4) Matrix/digital technology

In this technology the contact fields are defined within the conductive layers of the touchscreens. This will provide a very robust and reliable system but is not as flexible in the software design as the above mentioned technologies.


Please discuss with your representative the best/most suitable resistive touch technology for your application.


Advanced resistive touchscreen technology

SCHURTER offers you special forms of resistive touch screen technologies which are optimized for your specific application requirements.


> GFG: Glass-Film-Glass Touchscreen 

This touch screen is designed with an anti-scratch touch surface, by using two types of materials, either thin glass or HD film as the touch surface. The surface hardness can reach 9H or higher than 5 Mohs and is further enhanced with delicate touch control, high temperature resistance, and excellent waterproofing. In addition, GFG touch screen structure combines well with low-reflective touch screens.

> LR: Low Reflective Touchscreen

The reflectivity of this touch screen is minimized to 1.5% which allows system developers to integrate this panel for outdoor use without rectifying the LCD. 4-, 5- and 8-wire designs are available for this product.

> TW: Touch Window 

A “true flat” frameless touch screen that confers a stylish outline to your product. A décor layer is printed on the top of the touch panel.

> FT: Framed Touch 

A variation of Touch Window with Film-Glass construction and featuring a smoothed outline.

> RMT: Resistiver Multi Touchscreen

The resistive multi touchscreen can be operated with 2 fingers and allows gesture recognition such as zoom-in, wiping etc.

> MFO: Multi-Finger Operation Touchscreen

A touch screen divided in a maximum of 12 zones enables simultaneous, analogue evaluation in the zones. Various sizes are available up to 24".

> High Light Transmission Touch Screen

This touch screen provides users with the best light transmission rate so the clarity of pictures on the LCD will not be distorted.

With a light transmission rate as high as 85%, High Light Transmission touch screens will greatly increase the visibility of your product.



Our resistive touchscreens are implemented in many different applications and highly demanding markets.

From the Medical market to the Automation market, you can find SCHURTER’s customer-specific touchscreens everywhere.

   •  Control & Automation

   •  Medical & Laboratory

   •  Control & Automation

   •  Building Equipment

   •  Agriculture & Foresting

   •  POS, POI, Kiosk Systems


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