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KEBA (headquarter in Linz, Austria) develops and produces innovative automation solutions according to the motto "Automation by innovation" for a variety of industries in the business divisions of Industrial Automation, Banking and Service Automation as well as Energy Automation. SCHURTER GmbH realized the PCAP touch panels for integration into HMI solutions.

SCHURTER Competence Centres


and SCHURTER Electronics B.V., Hardenberg The Netherlands

Customer’s requirement

KEBA had high requirements regarding EMC, environmental standards and water resistance (IP65). Also, the design had to come with a narrow border, with less space for housing and integration. The quality of the touch panels needed to be outstanding. KEBA expects SCHURTER to advise in the latest technical developments and to be a strategic partner, not just a supplier.

SCHURTER's solution:

SCHURTER designed three different sizes of PCAP touch panels for KEBA. These are standard design of Keba which can be adjusted very easy for an OEM design. The panels have a smart look because of the special design. All dimensions have been minimized and still meet the usual industrial requirements.

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What does the customer say

,,From the very early beginning of resistive touchscreen technology we work with this technology. SCHURTER is also involved since this time. We know about SCHURTER`s experience and therefore we trust in their advises. SCHURTER understands how to implement our requirements and the quality standard is very high. If we look back at the project, the development time and the production time was short. Response times were fast and the solution was worked out by both KEBA and SCHURTER. Our old slogan "Everything is possible" really applied during this project, we thought crosswise to find solutions. SCHURTER adjusted to technical changes and could therefore supply KEBA with new solutions. In addition to the technical topics, the interpersonal factor also came very strongly, which is highly appreciated by us.”


SCHURTER develops the optimum customer-specific solution for your application. We offer a variety of individual design and technology possibilities, from the sensor to the housing, from electronics to plug & play solutions.

Advantages as indicated above are:

• Benefit from the knowledge, experience and capabilities of the SCHURTER specialists during the idea phase.

• SCHURTER is specialist in input devices and is helping customers with a consultancy service to provide an optimum solution.

  Based on the wishes and requirements of the customer, SCHURTER can advise the best direction for the design of a new product.

• Based on the ideas of the engineers, SCHURTER develops a solutions that perfectly fits into the complete design of the new equipment.

• SCHURTER has 6 of its own factories in Europe and Asia for production of input systems. Based on aspects like volumes and required

  production facilities we choose the optimum production location. Our specialists for logistics, quality systems and production

  will adapt together with the customer the optimum system for the customer's need. With this we optimize your supply chain to fit

  to your systems.

If you want to benefit from the SCHURTER features and solutions as other customers did, please contact us

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