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K2 Medical Systems


K2 Medical (located in Plymouth, United Kingdom) develops and produces innovative solutions to improve maternity care for clinicians, mothers and their babies. SCHURTER Electronics B.V. (formerly Danielson) provided a solution for the product Guardian. K2 MS Guardian provides the full electronic capture of patient information during childbirth.

SCHURTER Competence Centres

Customer’s requirement

In 2011, K2 Medical asked SCHURTER Electronics B.V. for a solution to improve EMC, optical clearness and reliability of the projected capacitive touch screen.

SCHURTER’s solution

K2 Medical was an early adapter of PCAP in the medical industry. Already in 2011, SCHURTER Electronics B.V. developed a Projected Capacitive Touchscreen with required optical clearness and improved EMC specifications. Since then, SCHURTER Electronics B.V. produces the complete unit for K2 Medical. Thanks to the state of the art machinery and implemented quality systems K2 Medical can always rely on the right quality and quantity of their units for global supply.

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What does the customer say

“We are using the SCHURTER touchscreen in our K2MS Portal™ medical grade panel PC. We were already using a touchscreen in this product before we came in touch with SCHURTER. Since the launch of the K2MS Portal™ we have been seeking to improve the touchscreen performance. SCHURTER was the first company to offer the required PCAP performance together with the specific front glass integration requirements demanded by the application.

With the SCHURTER solution we now have a touchscreen with a better touch performance, especially a better accuracy and repeatability. We also looked for improvement of the mechanical integration, especially reducing the gap between the display and touch surface. SCHURTER gave us a very good advise. Our application was very specific given that the touchscreen was being used to replace one within an existing design. The design brief was clearly understood.

SCHURTER’s technical skills are excellent. If there were any uncertainties SCHURTER was quick to prototype or test to reduce technical risk and inform subsequent design-in decisions. This was very much appreciated by K2MS.

This solutions is now in production for a while and the deliveries are always in time. All together, I can recommend SCHURTER for complex touchscreen solutions. For us, SCHURTER is now an important and trusted supplier.”


SCHURTER assists customers with their product design and to optimize their bottom line. Some facts out of that:

• The knowledge, experiences and skills of the SCHURTER specialists can also optimize your total design to lower the cost of the complete


• The front panel is key to the look and feel of your complete product. This can improve the image of the product and with that the image of

  your company.

• Also you can shorten your time to market with our protoshop abilities.

If you want to benefit from the SCHURTER features as other customers did, please contact us

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