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Install the product catalog SCHURTER Range at a Glance as an app on your mobile device for offline use.

Install the product catalog SCHURTER Range at a Glance as an app on your mobile device for offline use.


The catalog app SCHURTER Range at a Glance (shortly CatApp) from SCHURTER was developed for providing detailed product information in offline use. This means that the sales partners of SCHURTER have access to all data sheets in PDF format in a clearly arranged and flexibly searchable app on the common operating systems iOS, Android and Windows 10.

The product and catalog data are available in German and English and are updated at regular intervals. All information is based on the information published by SCHURTER in the Catalog and enables a direct reference to the most current information on the SCHURTER website.

The simple update of the product data within CatApp ensures that the product information can be updated regularly. Creating bookmarks, searching for keywords and alphabetical indexing complement the hierarchical structure of information by business units and product groups, making it easy to find the information you need. The links to the appropriate components or to the successor products as well as the possibility to add comments round off the provided sales catalogue.

The following functions are offered within the Webservices

- The soap server answers requests depending on the service used

- Results are provided as HTML, XML, CSV, PDF etc..

- System Information

- List of all Services

- Data update information

- Product overviews

- Information on product groups

- Series(Type) information

- Variant information

- Stock information

- Catalog filter and parameter information

- Material master data

Please note that after installing the CatApp on the target device, you first need to update the catalog. Open the CatApp and go to the menu Settings.



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The CatApp is further developed according to a roadmap and continuously adapted to the needs of the users. For this reason - and also to eliminate possible errors - we will regularly provide new versions. The description of new or corrected functions as well as the release notes are constantly updated and old versions are deactivated if necessary to ensure easy operation. At the moment we are planning to replace the Cat App and add the catalogue to the SalesApp .


Latest Release: Version 5.2 (2029) - Data Version: 39

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