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Bruno_Zemp Bruno_Zemp

Bruno Zemp

Engineer, Developer and Project Manager

Engineer, Developer and Project Manager

Bruno Zemp

Electrical Engineer, Developer and Project Manager

I began at SCHURTER as apprentice automation technician. Today I have completed my studies as an electrical engineer, am now working on my master's in mechatronics and am a specialist in the field of circuit protection applications. During my 12 years at SCHURTER my experience is that the company is very willing to open career doors for committed employees.

I need and am looking for professional challenges. I find them at SCHURTER. Currently I have the technical responsibility for a project that we are implementing jointly with ESA, the European Space Agency. We are developing a new SMD fuse for space travel, which also can provide reliable protection for larger systems. We want to obtain the qualifications by the end of the year.

I have acquired a lot of my know-how in the company. Already early on I was assigned demanding tasks and was able to take over the management of subprojects. We also learn a lot in the team: many employees have 10 or 20 years of professional experience to contribute; other have just completed their studies, are still in their apprenticeships or are receiving on-the-job training. This blend – cultural as well – I find very enriching. An inspiring, healthy dynamic!

My training and advanced education are very enriching and naturally increase my career opportunities. I regularly make use of the internal continuing education, for example, language or specialist courses. During the career planning I was also actively supported by my supervisor. In the medium-term I am striving for a managerial position in engineering. I find both the technical topics and employee management interesting.

As an engineer, a professional work environment is very important to me. SCHURTER is continuously investing in this. The current state of the infrastructure and our equipment in engineering or IT are good. Clearly, as an engineer, one is never perfectly content, but that seems to be the nature of things.

As an employer, SCHURTER offers an up-to-date benefits package. Besides the salary, the work-life balance and the work environment are very important to me. For example, SCHURTER gave me great support during my studies. Thus I was able to adjust my working hours without having to give up my existing position.

Also SCHURTER's central location in the middle of the City of Lucerne is an important factor for me: I can get to work on the bicycle in five minutes – and in next to no time I am on the lake sailing or on the Pilatus for mountain biking after work. Rather unique for a global technology company!

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