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SCHURTER - your system supplier

Cost reduction over the entire product life cycle

Standard or customer-specific touch solution?

How do you save costs with a customer-specific touch solution instead of using available standard components? Based on this infographic, we explain the relevant reasons.

Product life time expectancy

HMI products for industrial and medical devices are often subject to an extended life cycle expectation. The life cycle of these products is 10-15 years. Within this period there is a risk that individual components will no longer be available due to product discontinuation. Alternatives must then be qualified as a replacement in order to ensure the availability of your application.

Customized solutions from SCHURTER

By using "available standard products", you are responsible for the long-term availability of the components used in your application. But if you choose a customer specific solution from SCHURTER, we are responsible for product availability throughout the entire life cycle.

SCHURTER guarantees you a product with full compatibility, form and function. You will receive a qualified HMI device with an article number and a contact person for the entire system, including the housing, display and electronics.

Product Life Cycle Management within SCHURTER Input Systems - Your advantage

The longer the life cycle of the product, the more important it is to have an experienced system supplier who optimally advises you in the selection of the individual components.

SCHURTER selects only long-term components for your customer-specific HMI product. As a result, we minimize the qualification and certification costs during the development phase, which arise during the lifetime due to the discontinuation of individual components.

With SCHURTER as a partner for your system solution, you reduce costs and time over the entire product life cycle.


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