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SCHURTER – third best employer in Switzerland

Again SCHURTER achieves an outstanding place in the Swiss Employer Award 2011. After its first place in the Employer Award 2005 and second place in 2009 SCHURTER achieved the 3rd place.

SCHURTER AG achieved an outstanding 3rd place in the Swiss Employer Award 2011. Victory this year went to Electrolux. Unlike customary assessments, this employer evaluation is conducted not by an expert jury but is instead based on the appraisals of the employees themselves. SCHURTER’s success shows that, even in a difficult environment, its employees stand by their company. Central to this loyalty is employee satisfaction, which is created by means of transparency in the company strategy, the management, the processes and the transfer of knowledge. SCHURTER has adopted a distinctive, modern management culture. The hierarchies are flat and every employee has the perfect opportunity to make a contribution. This is facilitated by the pleasant atmosphere within the company, the good working conditions and appropriate wages.

SCHURTER is proud to have received this award. With its first place in the Employer Award 2005 and second place in 2009, the company is clearly heading in the right direction. Winning third place in this year’s event provides the incentive to identify what it takes to be first and to implement the necessary measures to ensure the continued development of the firm. SCHURTER thanks all its employees for their participation and their critical evaluation of the company.

Eighty companies with a staff of more than 100 employees participated in the Swiss Employer Award 2011. BILANZ and the Swiss Employers’ Association were partners of the country’s largest employee survey.

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