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New capacitive touch controllers AMT and PenMount

Partnership SCHURTER, Danielson and AMT

SCHURTER and AMT are successful close partners since 14 years in the field of customized Touch Panel solutions. Danielson, as a new member of the SCHURTER Group, is fully integrated into this partnership. The AMT PCAP and resistive touch sensors and controller-systems are available for the entire SCHURTER Group.

Latest specifications PenMount controllers

Immunity for industrial and medical environments

AMT with their PenMount PCAP controller series has now released the new boards PM1x10, which meet the EMC standards for industrial and medical applications. These certifications are a big step forward to realize reliable PCAP systems in the industrial and medical market.

Fulfillment EMC requirements

The fulfillment of these high EMC requirements was made possible by appropriate modifications in the design of the PCAP sensor as well as the hardware and firmware of the controller system. The firmware includes a complementary frequency-hopping with dozens of alternate frequencies to lower interference frequencies and a differential analysis method to decrease interference in the medium frequency range. The sense channels of the microcontroller from Microchip are equipped with passive filters against high-frequency interferences. To increase the signal-to-noise ratio, charge pumps have been integrated into the drive lines.


Immunity for Medical Electrical Equipment

- EN 60601-1-2 (NEW 2014-02) Radiated EMI tested with 28V / m, Criterion A - no misinterpretation

Immunity for industrial environments

- IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated electromagnetic interference tested with 10V / m, Criterion A - no misinterpretation

- IEC 61000-4-6 Immunity to conducted disturbances, tested with 10Vrms, Criterion A - no misinterpretation

- EN 61000-4-2 Immunity to Electrostatic discharge (ESD) ESD test with 8kV contact discharge and 15kV air discharge

For more information please contact our product managers Ronald van der Voort (Danielson) or Roland Maurer (SCHURTER).

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