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Mr. Makino San's working in SCHURTER Group

After 33 years of service with SCHURTER Group, Mr. Ryoji Makino, Managing Director of SCHURTER K.K. in Japan, will be retired as planned at the end of 2015

As one of the SCHURTER Group senior business managers, Mr. Makino San began his work for SCHURTER Group in Singapore in 1982, under appointment by Rolf Schurter as SCHURTER Singapore office director. 10 years later Hansrudolf Schurter appointed him to open the SCHURTER Group Company SCHURTER K.K. (SKK) in Tokio. Since then Mr. Makino San has successfully set up SCHURTER sales network in the Japanese market with focus on industrial sectors such as medical, automation, transport and consumers. In 2005, SKK's purchase channel was shifted to SCHURTER APAC hub (SSIN) and then Mr. Makino San started a close business cooperation with SSIN at the same time still receiving direct support from SCHURTER Division Components in Switzerland.

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