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Donation 2012 to SOS-Children's Village e.V.

The SCHURTER GmbH donates this year to the SOS Children's Village Kara in Togo, Africa.

The donation will benefit the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School of the Children’s Village with 420 students for the purchase of new school desks.

The school is one of the best in the country. Every year, numerous scholarships are awarded to low-income and socially deprived students to enable them to go to school.

The SOS Children's Village Kara in Togo was built in 1979 and consists of 10 family houses with SOS-Kindergarten and elementary school as well as two youth communities. The Children's Village can accommodate more than 100 children and young people whose parents have died or live in such precarious conditions that a life of the children in their families is not possible.

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