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Current extension SHF 6.3x32

SCHURTER extends the range of rated currents in the compact high-performance fuse SHF 6.3x32 downwards. The SHF 6.3x32 is a ceramic fuse for higher voltages (AC and DC) with fast tripping characteristics. Their high withstand voltage and high breaking capacity of 1500 A open up new fields of application.

SCHURTER now offers the SHF 6.3x32 in thirteen rated currents between 500 mA and 8 A. The high breaking capacity of 1500 A at a rated voltage of up to 500 VAC/VDC characterizes the fuse. Besides a multitude of applications in the energy and industrial sector, the SHF 6.3x32 is especially suitable for the protection of 3-phase systems.

The SHF 6.3x32 is available as a fuse-insert and pigtail version (rated current > 1A). Fuse-inserts are suitable for mounting in clips and fuseholders, which makes it possible to quickly replace the fuse without desoldering. For this SCHURTER offers the suitable clips and fuseholders. The pigtail version allows direct mounting on printed circuit boards using through-hole technology and soldering.

The SHF 6.3x32 can be used as RoHS-compliant fuse for lead-free systems. The compatibility with competitor products allows SCHURTER to offer the SHF 6.3x32 as a replacement product. The fuse is also cURus-approved.

Unique Selling Proposition

High rated voltages up to 500 VAC / VDC

High breaking capacity ≥ 1500 A

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