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Conductive immunity EMC testing within SCHURTER Input Systems

Your application with touchscreen needs to operate correctly in a common electromagnetic environment. Other electrical equipment in the near vicinity should not disturb the operation of your product and it should also not disturb other equipment. Therefore your product should comply with one or more international EMC standards or regulations. Prior to the final EMC test at an accredited test lab, it is recommended to investigate the EMC behaviour at the early design phase by performing pre-compliance tests. This can be done with by yourself or with assistance from Danielson, the Dutch competence centre within SCHURTER Input Systems division.

Danielson now has an in house test facility to do pre-compliance conductive immunity tests. While testing during the development phase, possible EMC issues can be recovered. That gives more confidence in succeeding at the final (expensive) EMC tests first time and is of course cost-effective.

With dedicated equipment our engineers perform conductive immunity tests on your touch-application. With an RF-source, disturbances are simulated and coupled directly into your product. Interference occurs if the received energy causes a device (the receptor) to function in an unwanted manner, like false touches or suddenly shutting down. The level of unwanted behaviour depends on the coupling path as well as the source and the victim. Reduction of interference can be done by making the coupling path worse and/or (even better) suppress the source. Our engineers will give you a detailed report of the tests performed and where possible make some suggestions for EMC-improvement of your product.

Important facts that you should consider when designing a product with a capacitive touchscreen are for example:

• Sensor lines (behind cover glass) are small antennas that receive and emit electromagnetic energy

• Larger touchscreens are more sensitive for EMI/EMC issues

• When touching the screen, EMC properties can degrade slightly

• Capacitive touchscreens need a good electrical ground level. A touchscreen controller must use a proper (low-impedance) connection to the equipment ground

• The mechanical construction of the product affect EMC properties. Engineers at Danielson can assist with extensive knowledge

How can SCHURTER help you?

The experts at Danielson have extensive knowledge of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and they can assist you with a conducted immunity test at Danielson. They can also give advice and suggestions to improve your product, both mechanical and electrical, and help you when a test plan is needed for the final EMC tests. We prefer to be involved in your design phase as early as possible.

If you would like more information about what SCHURTER can do for you regarding to EMC, please contact us. Our experts are at your service to assist in solving your EMC issues.

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