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EMC_EMS_Competence_Center_14_Mendrisio_electronic_manufacturing_services_Elektronikdienstleistungen_SGE_Ticomel EMC_EMS_Competence_Center_14_Mendrisio_electronic_manufacturing_services_Elektronikdienstleistungen_SGE_Ticomel

Working at SCHURTER

“Supported by business excellence and our committed staff, we meet the highest demands in terms of quality and innovative services that our customers place on us in over 50 countries.”

Ralph Müller, CEO SCHURTER Group

Enabling staff to give their best

For SCHURTER, success is based on more than just technological achievements. After all, it is the people here who provide the highest degree of product benefit and safety to our customers and, in turn, their customers. Therefore, establishing an optimal work environment, ensuring a positive work climate, and continuously supporting our staff are among the highest priority objectives in SCHURTER's corporate culture.

SCHURTER in one Minute

SCHURTER Electronic Components is a leading innovator and producer of electronic components. As a Swiss technology company SCHURTER is operating successfully worldwide. In a dynamic market the SCHURTER Group is showing sustainable growth due to the specialized competence, innovative capacity, proximity to customers and financial independence.

The SCHURTER Group is divided into two divisions. The Component Division encompasses the equipment protection, equipment connections, switches and EMC products business units including the measurement service as well as the Solutions unit. Solutions offers business partners a total solution package to fulfill the most demanding customer wishes in their entirety through the coordination and networking of all SCHURTER core competences.The Input Systems Division develops and produces customized solutions based on touchscreens, capacitive technology and membrane switches.

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    SCHURTER is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products – and an important service provider for the PCB assembly and electronics industries. We focus on components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease ...

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    Input Systems

    SCHURTER develops, manufactures and markets input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive sensor keypads, membrane keypads and housing systems in close cooperation with the customers. A large variety of designs gives scope for a wide range of applications.



    SCHURTER Solutions support above-average growth, by networking existing and new customer needs with products, services, skills, resources and people. The customer is in the center of these actions and benefits from the established values. Currently the focus is on customers in Europe.

This Code of Conduct lays down binding guidelines for the actions of senior managers and employees determine the SCHURTER Group. As a flagship company for business excellence business ethics and corporate governance have a high priority.

SCHURTER is several times awarded as great place to work

SCHURTER’s success shows that, even in a difficult environment, its employees stand by their company. Central to this loyalty is employee satisfaction, which is created by means of transparency in the company strategy, the management, the processes and the transfer of knowledge. SCHURTER has adopted a distinctive, modern management culture. The hierarchies are flat and every employee has the perfect opportunity to make a contribution. This is facilitated by the pleasant atmosphere within the company, the good working conditions and appropriate wages.

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