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Training at SCHURTER

Danijel Stanimirovic (19)

Logistician in training

What I am learning and where I am learning is hardly a coincidence: my father was employed as a logistician for many years at SCHURTER. Previously I used to increase my pocket money at his workstation. My aunt also is working at SCHURTER. After the end of the tenth school year and an internship in the company I obtained an apprenticeship position here.

Fabienne Köpfli (15)

Businesswoman in training

I could also have imagined becoming a pharmacy technician. I did trial apprenticeships in various professions. A decisive factor in the selection of training to become a businesswoman was, first and foremost, that I see better prospects for the future. On the way to completing a vocational diploma the school expense to date has been somewhat greater than expected.

Hoang Phi Bui (18)

Draftsperson in training

My mother also works at SCHURTER. I worked here during each of my school vacations. My two sisters are draftspersons, so I gained insights into this profession at an early stage – and I liked what I saw. Therefore the choice of a profession and the training company were fairly obvious. Great that it went so well.

Ilir Bekteshi (19)

Automation systems installer in training

After one and a half years I have reached precisely the middle of my training period. I am really doing well. I feel good about my work, my team at work and the entire company. Therefore, it is already quite clear to me now that I would like to continue my training and become an automation specialist. Preferably as a SCHURTER employee.

Jasmin Meier (19)

Polymechanic in training

Somehow my "Death Metal" t-shirt, which I am wearing today, fits the topic quite well. I am fascinated by it and proud to contribute as a polymechanic to creating a "valuable" tool from a piece of metal. My uncle discovered the talent for this when I was working with him in his private workshop. He motivated me to do this apprenticeship.

Noah Stadelmann (16)

Computer scientist in training

At the start of the training period I was beat at the end of each day – physically and mentally. Working is simply something that is different from school. Now that all has leveled off; everything is going well. In school as well, where the vocational diploma courses are really demanding. But if one makes the effort, it's okay.

Noël Buob (18)

Surface coater in training

In my free time music has played an important role since the fourth grade already. I have been a saxophonist since then, am now in the youth wind or-chestra of Lucerne. I correctly realized when I began this training that my instrument – just like the countless other objects that I encounter every day – has a surface coating.

Tobias Banz (16)

Automation technician in training

Even as a small boy I was interested in technology. I wanted to become an inventor or an engineer. During my decision to select a profession I was guided very well by my parents and my teacher. The decisive factor for automation technician was probably the electrical or the electronic. With a vocational diploma many doors will be open to me after the training.

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